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Hashoo Foundation Event (Eduaction)

Title of Event

Walk for Education

Department Organizing the Event

Hashoo Foundation and Zindagi Trust

Event Type

Walk,  Expo Information Desk, pledges 

Event Date

November 26, 2016

Event Venue

Fatimah Jinnah F-9 Park, Gate # 2 Islamabad

Event Details

An event “Walk for Education” was organized by Hashoo Foundation and Zindagi Trust on dated November 28, 2016. Altogether 205 participants from all walk of life including educationists, volunteers, social workers students and parents participated in the Walk.Thewalk aimedto bring together educational representatives, students, teachers, parents and community members and to highlight and promote the importance of quality education as a right of all children. This walkathon was flagged off by Chief Guest Mr. Shah Khawar. Mr.  Allah Nawaz Samoo the famous Educationist of Pakistan also participated in the event. This event initiative intended to help government in contributing towards the national commitments of Sustainable Development Goal and also to contribute towards government‘s efforts in education in the light of Constitution of Pakistan under the Article 25-A.Before starting the walk Ms. Ayesha Country Director Hashoo Foundationdelivered welcoming address. In her address Ms. Ayesha  conveyed her message that on the base of Pakistan’s constitution it is the right of every child to have access to quality education. She emphasized on the representatives of all civil society, public and private sector of Pakistan to work hard to overcome educational issues and challengescollaboratively by contributing rigorous effort and through working together in education.  The Country Director shared the vision and mission of Mr. Hashwani Family’sphilanthropy. Ayesha Khan said, Hashoo Foundation is endeavoring to transform the vision of improving the quality and access to education by focusing on deprived communities of far-flung areas in Pakistan. In this regard Hashoo Foundation is working in various ways of education such as through scholarships and financial assistance, capacity building trainings of teachers, and awareness creation on education among community and parents. Following, Mr. Shah Khawar, Board of Trustee Hashoo Foundation discussed, that the only budget allocated for education is 2.6 % of National GDP. He further expressed his ideas that, it is the state and every individual responsibility to do charity for every needy child around. He emphasized on all educational NGOs and responsible persons to put their effortstogether and come forward tohelp each other for the cause of quality education.

After the guests’ addresses, all the participants participated in the walk and pledged their support to help the students of underprivileged families from far flung areas of Pakistan who have no access to quality education. The participants attended the event with full enthusiasm. They were holding play cards in which the messages on education were written.

There were Rotary books andrefreshment stalls that created more interest of the participants in the event. The event organizers sold shirts (with messages on education) to all participants and raised funds to support unprivileged children in their education. During the walk, participants enjoyed face painting and poster competition. The media persons from T.V Channels of Mashriq,Ab Tak and Dawn were also there for full time to capture the walk event.


Pictures with Captions










Ms. Ayesha Khan Country Director is welcoming the guests in the event.



Mr.  Shah Khawar, Board of Trustee Hashoo Foundation addresses to the participants.



Hashoo Foundation Event organizers with Youth volunteers are presenting shirts



Hashoo Foundation staff is presenting shirts for the participants of the walk event.

Written by: Mehr P


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